Meet the Unicorn Feed & Supply Framily

The Unicorn Feed & Supply Framily is a group of colorful characters who show us what it means to love and be loved. They are a group of close friends who celebrate their differences as their strengths and use them to create a community of friends chosen as family, aka “framily.”

They include our resident unicorn, Reginald Peppercorn (“Reggie Pepp”), along with friends of all colors and species (from hippos, to bats, to narwhals to skunks, and more). Each UFS Framily member brings a different set of skills and interests to the group, which they explore together in a lively array of adventures! Through these adventures, we join the UFS Framily in rethinking “social definitions” of love, mobility, size, race and equality.

These differences and celebrating them as unique strengths lies at the very heart of Unicorn Feed & Supply and the beloved UFS Framly.

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