Are you a Feed Store?  I don’t see any hay. . . .

Unicorns eat different things than hay. . .  Unicorn Feed & Supply is not a feed store in a traditional sense, you won’t find hay and animal feed here.  It is a gift and activity shop that feeds your “Unicorn,” which is that happy, magical place that lives within each of us!

Who started Unicorn Feed & Supply?

UF&S was started by Jen Eastridge, entrepreneur, artist, and life-long sticker collector.   After completing her BFA at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, she made art, worked for a corporate, media company in sales, product development and management before exploring her love of building creative, community inspired businesses.  She started Unicorn Feed & Supply in Ypsilanti, MI just outside of Detroit, where she also makes her home with her family and Framily (human and four-footed).  In her spare time, Jen plays in the dirt, admires nature, encourages beautiful gardens to grow in wild and wooly ways, engages in “joy activism,” draws with chalk on the sidewalk, eats delicious food (her partner’s a chef, so…yeah..), talks to strangers, and practicers her art of “social curating” by gathering wonderful humans together in celebration.

How did Unicorn Feed & Supply happen?

The idea for the store came from Jen’s childhood hobby of collecting stickers and the happy, creative spark they made her feel.  She kept her sticker books throughout her growing up, and when the idea for the Unicorn Feed & Supply came along, she knew exactly what sort of feeling she wanted the store to inspire — that wonder, fun and creative energy she found in collecting stickers as a kid. Read more on our About page.

What is the Unicorn Feed & Supply Framily?

The Unicorn Feed & Supply Framily is a fun and colorful group of nine friends who celebrate life together as a Framily! What is a “Framily” you ask? Framily is a group of friends who are chosen as family. Framily members are close, loving, respectful and supportive of one another. They celebrate together in the best of times, and support one another in difficult times. They are more than friends…they are Framily.

The Unicorn Feed & Supply Framily was a project commissioned by UFS owner, Jen Eastridge, with professional artist/illustrator, Amy Balzer Pemberton of Designs by AIM. Each character is unique, and was created with attention to every detail, as they each play a special role in this colorful group. They individually and collectively represent part of a larger narrative that fits Unicorn Feed & Supply’s mission, which is to shift the dialogue forward about what it means to love, belong, support, embrace and CELEBRATE our differences as our strengths (to ourselves and the larger community)!

Why don’t I see many actual mermaids, princesses or fairies?

We believe strongly that our store is where you can find your own inner mermaid or fairy or princess.  We want to let go of traditional (and often stereotypical) ways that mermaids, fairies and princesses look in popular culture and let *you* be the mirror you hold up to see a magical being.  No matter who you are, how you identify, how you look — you can celebrate the things about yourself that are magical and find something in our store to express your own, unique, inner sparklebeing! As we begin to see CHANGE in the products offered with mermaids/fairies/princesses of various colors, sizes, sexes, and abilities, we will happily begin carrying those products (and have)! Until then, we will continue talking to the companies who are producing these products, and hope that they begin to also celebrate the differences that make us magical! This is a larger paradigm shift that will take time (as any large change does), but we are happy to be a part of that shift.

Do you sell gift cards?

We absolutely do! We have physical gift cards available in-store for purchase and use in-store only. Any of our amazing in-store Unicorns would be happy to assist you with purchasing one. Have no fear – we now also carry digital gift certificates for use in our online store! These digital gift certificates are emailed to you and cannot be used in store. We appreciate you understanding and thank you for supporting us by giving the gift of shopping with us at Unicorn Feed & Supply! We strive to bring our magical in-store experience via package directly to your recipient’s doorstep (or castle/toadstool/lair with valid address of course).

Can I lead or host an event, workshop, or community gathering with you?

We would love to hear your ideas and help them come to life! Please fill out our Workshop Application and we will be in touch to discuss next steps. This application is valid for all of Eastridge Enterprises’ ventures: Unicorn Feed & Supply, Stone & Spoon, and The Gallery. We take pride in bringing together our community! Feel free to check our Events Calendar to see our latest offerings.