Feed your unicorn.
Feed your happy place!

About Jen

In a word, Unicorn Feed & Supply is about joy — all flavors, all sizes, all colors, all cultures, you can feed your “Unicorn” (aka your happy place) by coming into our world.  Come explore the gifts, cards, games, adornments and decorations that help you celebrate, collaborate, play, create and manifest your inner sparkle!

Unicorn Feed & Supply opened its doors on June 1st, 2018, but this little corner of joy, creativity and optimism has been manifesting for years as I made my way through art school, corporate America, and creative entrepreneurship.  As a kid, I loved to collect stickers –  any and all kinds of stickers!  They were a way to express myself, to think about color and pattern and characters — and were one of the foundations of my future as an artist. I realize now that they were my first art collection!  When asked why I held onto my sticker collection into adulthood (even after downsizing significantly), my answer was “because it feeds my happy place.” That was the night that the idea for Unicorn Feed & Supply was born! I wanted to create a  magical place where people can find happiness, whether it be in a small sticker from a roll, a funny card, an interaction with a new friend, or the sweet stare of a stuffed animal looking back at them. Six months later, we opened our doors to the world, to feed everyone’s Unicorn! 

Today the little dream that started in my sticker book is up and thriving and that foundation of sparkle and joy is still at the heart of our store and greets everyone who crosses our threshold — from our client/customers from all around the country, to our suppliers, to our staff to our home-town community, we celebrate the creative, the diverse and the passion in your Unicorn, and have the perfect thing to help it sparkle!  

Thank you for coming to feed your happy place here at Unicorn Feed & Supply! We’re so glad you’re here.

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Suddenly somewhere near Ypsilanti we heard the call of a magical, mystical and storied steed.
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Jul 10, 2020 – Live in the D

A magical twist to pandemic shopping: The Unicorn Feed & Supply Store makes shopping fun and safe for all. 
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The Unicorn Feed and Supply Store is all about happiness: Jen opened The Unicorn Feed and Supply Store to help people find their happiness. Take a look inside with Kila!

Private Shopping

Your safety and comfort are important to us. While we are still operating normal in-person shopping hours, we have expanded our hours to add virtual and private in-person appointments. We are scheduling these appointments 24 hours in advance at this time. 

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